7 Helpful Tips On How To Prevent Cellulite

It seems as though finding out how to prevent cellulite is on everyone’s mind these days. The awful orange peel look is something that’s absolutely dreaded. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent the buildup of cellulite before it occurs. By acting fast and maintaining a regular preventative schedule, you just may be one of the lucky ones that never has to see it drop of cellulite appear on your body. Here are 7 helpful tips that you can use right now to ward off this horrible skin appearance.

1. Circulation is the key

Cellulite tends to bulk up in areas where there is very little circulation. You’ll be able to keep the dimpled skin away by keeping your circulation flowing to all parts of the body. Swimming, brisk walking and running are some of the best exercises to loosen up fat tissues and get the blood circulation in motion.

2. Cellulite prevention products

Applying your preventative products after you’ve exercised will help them absorb better. You should be looking for products that contain Centella asiatica as an active ingredient as well as Ginkgo Biloba and methyl nicotinate. These ingredients will help to oxidized fat cells, decongest the tissues and restore the molecules that give skin its elasticity.

Avoid using creams that can make your skin thinner since these will make the cellulite dimples stand out more. Some products for treating eczema, for example, use steroids to thin the skin. If you are currently taking a cream that can affect your skin this way and you are under a doctor’s supervision, you may want to talk to him about an alternative. If you do ever end up with a small patch of cellulite, you’ll want your skin to be as thick as possible so that it doesn’t show through.

3. Avoid the junk food

Try to cut down on your intake of processed and refined foods, products containing chemicals, additives and sweeteners and do your best to stay away from dairy and high-fat foods. Instead, find out more about alkaline foods that can put your body’s pH level pack into balance. Vegetables and fruit should be your main source of food since they are alkaline and can help to prevent cellulite. Foods that are alkaline will draw in the toxic acid matter that is being stored in fat. Once it has been drawn out it will be removed naturally from your body.

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4. Detox to get a fresh start

Once you decide to change over to a healthy eating habit it’s time to get rid of the old toxins that have built up in your system throughout the years. Schedule a professional detox through a health professional or find out how to do one at home. Many people that have followed a detox program have reported amazing results and had said that their energy has increased 100%. Just imagine all of the stored chemicals and pollutants that have made their way into your body during your lifetime and how badly they are crying to get out! When you get rid of the old and supply your body with new alkalizing foods, cellulite won’t have a chance of surviving!

5. Skin brush your body daily

Skin brushing will help to support circulation in parts of the body that are prone to developing cellulite such as the legs. Brushing your skin on a regular basis will help to increase the dispersion of fat while stimulating your lymphatic system. This will help disengage toxins from the skin cells and will specifically target the areas where cellulite can accumulate. If you already have a few cellulite pockets, skin brushing can break down the deposits of fat that are causing the dimpled appearance.

6. Drink water and throw out the salt

Keeping your body flushed will help stop cellulite in its tracks. A dehydrated body naturally looks lumpy and bumpy and with cellulite added to the mix it can be devastating. Allow your skin to stay soft and subtle by drinking enough water every day and the cellulite will be less likely to form. You should also cut down on your consumption of salt. Refined salts will make your body more toxic and more prone to develop the orange peel look.


7. Take a break from your desk

If you’re an office worker, you are more prone to getting cellulite than females that work at an active job. Make sure that you take the time to get up from your desk and move around to keep your blood circulating during the day. At night, do some exercising to build up a sweat to help release extra toxins and to give your body the extra circulatory workout it needs after a long day of an activity at the office.

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