5 Ways To Look Beautiful Without Makeup

If you’re not used to the “au natural” look, you’ll need to find out how to look beautiful without makeup. Sometimes your face just needs to have a break from all of the lotions and potions that you’re applying to it on a daily basis. Your skin needs to breathe and be exposed to some fresh air sometimes. While it’s okay to apply makeup, foundation and skin lotions most of the time, your face needs a break every now and then to regroup. Here are our top 5 tips that you can use to look and feel beautiful without applying makeup.

1. Adjust your mindset

If you feel that you aren’t going to look beautiful without any makeup on, this is just how you are going to appear. There is a beauty in your face that shines through whether you are wearing makeup or not. You need to get in touch with this inner beauty and embrace it. The makeup doesn’t define who you are and does not define how other people see you either. Once you can get past this and accept your natural look you’ll find that other people will fall in love with it as well.

2. Keep your skin healthy

When you’re not applying makeup your skin should be looking healthy. You should be washing your face twice a day with a high quality facial wash that matches your skin type. Put in place a daily schedule to follow so that your face is being cleaned once in the morning and once at night.  This is how to look beautiful without makeup while displaying a look of health at the same time.

You should be using a toner and moisturizer as well that contains plenty of antioxidants, vitamin E and salicylic acid. This combination of ingredients will keep your skin healthy and for an added benefit you can apply a facial mask once a week. This will ensure that all of the dead skin cells on your face are removed so that the lotions can do their job correctly.

3. Stay well groomed

If you’re not going to be wearing makeup you should have everything else on and around your face neatly in place. Your eyebrows should be waxed and plucked regularly so that they always appear well manicured. Your hair should be clean and styled. You should also pay attention to your teeth. Not only should they be cleaned but you may want to consider using a teeth whitening agent either at home or through your dentist’s office. A clean white smile is your best line of offense when you’re not wearing makeup but want to look dazzling.

4. Use natural makeup techniques

There are a few things that you can do to make your face look like it has had a makeup application. For one thing, you can curl your eyelashes. Quite often this can give a look that is similar to mascara. Use lip balm to keep your lips moistened and to prevent cracking. Today’s lip balms can often appear just as glossy as a high-end lip gloss!

For interesting color in your cheeks you can pinch them where you would usually apply blush. Another method to use would be to bend over from the waist and leave your head down for a minute. This will give you an instant blood rush that will leave your cheeks rosy. You can also do some quick exercising that will get the blood flowing and provide a healthy glow.

You can instantly brighten up your eyes by adding some eye drops to reduce redness to them. This will bring out a sparkle in your eyes that can last for hours!

5. Beauty from the inside out

When you’re feeling great inside it will show on the outside. If you feel that you need makeup to cover up an unhealthy appearance, it’s time to make some healthy changes. If your skin appears pale, for example, you may be experiencing a nutritional deficiency. Pick up some high quality multivitamins from your health food store, add in some regular exercise and change your eating habits. Follow this new healthy regime for at least two weeks and then see if there is a difference in your skin tone. You should also take before and after pictures so that you can really see what a difference a healthy body inside can make on the outside appearance.

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