Learn How to Make a Homemade Face Mask with These Recipes

Find out how to make a homemade face mask with these simple and easy recipes. For most of the masks listed below, you won’t have to go any further than your pantry to get many of the ingredients!

A Beauty Mask Made from Flowers

Put the magic of flowers to work for you with this incredible facial mask that includes dried rose petals and lavender. This mask is gentle enough to be used daily for cleansing or you can package it up and give it away as a gift to your best friends.


Homemade Honey and Lemon Face Mask

According to Stephanie, your skin will feel moisturized, clean and fresher than ever following this application. The lemon removes dead skin cells while the honey offers an antibacterial and antioxidant. This is a wonderful combination that helps heal the skin. After 15 to 30 minutes, your skin will feel tighter and smoother than it probably has for years!


Homemade Green Tea and Honey Mask

This homemade masks use the magic of honey and green tea to do its work. This is an affordable mask that only takes a minute to prepare. It helps to clear up redness in the face and can also be used for spot treatments. Use it as a mask and then save a bit to use later on in the week when you need a quick spot treatment.


Chocolate Oatmeal Face Mask

This mask is so downright delicious that you may be tempted to eat it before applying it on your face! The decadent chocolate will rejuvenate your skin and leave your face feeling soft, smooth and glowing. Your face will thank you for this oatmeal, honey and cocoa pampering treatment you give it. Yum – chocolate!


Honey and Banana Face Mask

Revive your facial skin after a long cold winter with this organic mask. When you need to find out how to make face masks for dry and damaged skin, this is the best recipe to follow. This recipe also includes cinnamon so it shouldn’t be used by people that are allergic to the spice or have extremely sensitive skin.


DIY Avocado Hair and Face Mask

Lauren shares a face mask with us that can be used both on the hair and on the face. It’s a chance to freshen up your hair and make your face glow at the same time. The secret ingredients that bring out the best of both worlds are apple cider vinegar and avocado. The avocado rejuvenates and moisturizes the skin and hair while the apple cider vinegar works as an estrogen on the skin while making the hair shiny.


Honey and Lemon Face Mask

This is another honey and lemon face mask that only includes lemon and honey ingredients. Look for raw and organic products to make sure that you aren’t applying any toxins to your facial skin. You should leave this mask on for approximately 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing it off but you’re also welcome to leave it on when you’re sleeping! We love the lemon and honey combination in homemade face masks and that’s why we’ve included the two recipes. This one calls for more honey than the one listed above. Try out both of them to see which one works best for you!


Banana Face Mask

This is an awesome face mask for dry and sensitive skin. If you’re prone to breaking out from masks, give this one a try. The simple combination of bananas, coconut oil or olive oil will moisturize your skin and leave it feeling soft and subtle. Thanks to DIY Confessions for supplying this amazing face mask recipe that really works on the most sensitive and dry skin types.


Cucumber, honey and oat face mask

It’s cucumber season and with it comes plenty of low-cost cucumbers that your face is absolutely craving. If you have oily skin, you’ll feel the cooling effect of cucumber right away as it starts to absorb all of the oils in your skin pores. Cassie adds a few other special ingredients including yogurt to make this an especially cooling mask that’s perfect for the hot summer days.



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