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7 Great Tips On How To Flirt With A Shy Guy

You’ve got your eyes on a certain special someone and now you need to know how to flirt with a shy guy. All guys aren’t assertive in nature and some of the best people are the ones that seem to be a bit shy. In order to help you get noticed with the shy, quiet types, we have gathered together some of our best tips. Use them and see for yourself just how effective they can be!

1. You need to take the initiative

Don’t wait around for your guy to approach you first. If he is shy, it’s not likely that he’ll be making any moves on you. It’s up to you to take the first step forward and we’re going to show you how to best do this in the next steps.

2. Approach him when he’s doing something he enjoys

Find out more about what makes this guy tick. Does he belong to any clubs or sports organizations? If so, you can walk up to him when he’s in his own element. This is the place where he will feel the most confident about himself and will be the most likely to open up with you. If he has a hobby, you may just want to learn more about the hobby yourself so that you can talk to him about it intelligently.

3. Give him an honest compliment

It’s hard for any person to look away or ignore you completely if you start the conversation with an honest compliment. This shouldn’t be too gushing or fake but an honest assessment of something that he’s good at. It would be best to compliment him on some activity that he does well and not on his looks. When it comes to shy guy flirting, talking about his appearance may very well be way over the top and hard for him to handle when you’re just starting to get acquainted.

4. Be sensitive to his feelings

A lot of shy people are also struggling with their own self-esteem. Keep this in mind and be very sensitive when you’re talking to him. Just try to say things that can’t be misconstrued in any negative way and remember to be yourself. This way, if you do trip up, you’ll be able to correct it honestly and turn the conversation in a more positive direction.

5. Ask for help

There’s something about most men that makes them want to help woman. If you’re trying to find an instant connection, ask him for some help with something. Make it a simple task at first such as help carrying something heavy. You certainly wouldn’t want to find yourself in a situation where you are asking him to help fix your bicycle when he doesn’t know a thing about bikes!

6. Be mysterious

There’s something about a mystery that intrigues every man. When you wear your heart and soul on your sleeve and expose everything about you within the first few minutes, it’s a turnoff for most guys. Approach conversations slowly, don’t give away too much about yourself but be very interested in what he has to say. This will be something new for him to experience and will probably love it. If you do it right and bat your eyes ever so slightly while glancing down, he’ll be left wondering what you’re thinking and what exactly makes you tick.

7. Make a move

After putting the above tips into action, don’t expect a shy guy to make the first move. If you’re wondering how do shy guys flirt, they often don’t. You’ll need to initiate the first contact and then make a move forward from there. As things progress and he comes out of his shell with you, he’ll start to initiate things on his own. Until then, it’s up to you to get things rolling.

The first date is always going to be the most difficult but once you can get past this things should start rolling a lot more smoothly. When you’re ready to ask the guy out, the word “date “should never be mentioned. Simply suggest going for a walk in the park, ask him if he can walk you home from school or work one day or even ask him to meet up at the gym to work out. Use non-committal words at the beginning and simply get to work on the relationship slowly. The more you flirt at his pace, at a speed that he can accept, the more success you will see. Good luck with your flirting girls!

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