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10 Ways To Tell If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating

There’s no definitive way to spot a cheater. We don’t have an automatic radar that detects this sort of behavior and marks scumbags with a blinking red light (or something like that). But that doesn’t mean we can’t kind of tell when something might be going on. In fact, there are a lot of practices and habits that can give you a pretty good idea that your man might be cheating on you.

So with that in mind, here are 10 ways you might be able to tell.

1. He Hasn’t Dropped His Dating Apps

This would be a pretty obvious bonehead move on his part, but if he hasn’t dropped his hookup apps—er, excuse me, dating apps—he might still be using them! Tinder and its various alternatives are great for casual flings and maybe even meeting that special someone. Maybe he even used one of these apps to meet you, but there’s no getting around it: people in relationships don’t need these tools anymore.

2. He’s Suddenly Busy

This is another one of the more obvious signs. Simply put, if he doesn’t have time for things he used to be available for, and there’s not a clear explanation as to why… Well… do I have to spell it out?

3. Work Hours Have Lengthened Considerably

Going along with sign #2, it’s specifically a red flag if his lack of availability is vaguely chalked up to longer hours at work. Why? Because according to an infographic of cheating habits, 30 percent of cheaters meet their partners at work—more than anywhere else. That doesn’t mean you have to go crazy and scrutinize every female in his company, but work should be on your radar as a danger zone if there are other signs.

4. There’s Too Much Cash

This is only an issue in fairly serious relationships. You know, the ones in which you might have access to his bank statements or payment information. If that’s the case, and suddenly you’ve noticed he’s handling a lot of cash or making more cash withdrawals, you should be aware that it might be because he doesn’t want a record of where he’s going and what he’s doing.

5. His Computer And/Or Phone Suddenly Has A Password

I mean… Maybe he’s just hiding an embarrassing new porn habit (which you may or may not have a problem with). Maybe he’s concealing a surprise gift he’s working on for you. But you have a right to be suspicious if his personal security ramps up.

6. He’s Just Plain Shifty

In a search for extra ammo for this article, I read through a list of signs a guy might be cheating, and pretty much all of them can be bundled into this: he’s acting shifty. If he’s hard to get a hold of, evasive when you ask what he’s up to, prone to sneaking away or turning his phone off—wake up! He’s got something to hide!

7. He’s Suddenly Talking About Old Friends

Old friends are usually fine. Maybe they’ve always been in the picture and he loves seeing them now and again; maybe one just moved to town, which is a perfectly reasonable excuse for him to talk about it. But if he’s suddenly mentioning someone (or a group of someones) a little too often for no apparent reason, it might be the result, or even the beginning, of an old fling heating up.

8. He’s Taking Better Care Of Himself

This could mean dressing better, dieting, spending more time at the gym, or a number of other things, which could be a sign he’s trying to impress somebody else.

9. He’s Tall

I love this one. Apparently there are scientific indicators of cheating potential, with certain body types, features, or tendencies showing statistically significant correlation with cheating. I don’t buy most of them, but apparently guys over 5’10” are twice as likely to cheat. Hmm…

10. His Sex Drive Is (Or Seems) Down

This might be the most obvious sign of all. News flash, ladies: guys have only so much stamina. If he suddenly seems like he’s not up for sex, it might be because someone else wore him out.

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