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5 Tips on How to Get Through a Breakup

We understand just how tough relationship partings can be so we are showing you how to get through a breakup in the fastest and easiest way possible. The breakup of any relationship can leave you with the same feeling of loss that you would experience from a death in the family. It can be a serious loss and when your friends and family members don’t understand and tell you to just get on with your life, it can be devastating.

Here are our best suggestions to help you get through an incapacitating and exhausting breakup:

1. Give yourself a grieving time limit

Grief can be emotionally and physically painful. You need to give yourself some time to actually experience the grieving process. At the same time, however, you need to realize that you’ll have to get back into life and move forward. The best way to make sure that you don’t spend too much time on the grieving process is to give yourself a time limit. Some people will only need a day or two while others would like to take a week off from reality. You shouldn’t plan on any longer than a week though. Grieving for more than seven days about a breakup can lead to a severe depression.

2. Assume responsibility for the breakup

It takes 2 to tango and it also takes 2 to breakup. Getting through a breakup successfully involves taking a look, an honest look, at how you contributed to the situation. Even small things should be taken into account. Once you can realize that something went wrong on your end and that you are not a total victim, you’ll be able to move on.

This is usually much easier said than done. It is hard to really take a look at our own mistakes without putting the blame on another. It’s a hard one to confront but at the same time it is a necessary part of the process towards healing.

If you feel that you acted perfectly and didn’t do anything wrong that would warrant the breakup, you still have some responsibility in the matter. After all, you were the one that allowed yourself to get into the relationship in the first place. Once you’ve really analyzed your participation in the relationship breakup, life will get better.

3. What were you able to walk away with?

If you’re experiencing a lot of grief about the breakup the odds are good that you spent quite a while with the other person. During that time you probably gained a lot in the form of life experience, personal gifts, special friendships with others, more insight about yourself etc. Look at the positive aspects of the relationship and the things that you walked away with. Write them down. This is how to get through a breakup knowing that your time wasn’t wasted with your partner. You may even come to realize that it was just another chapter in your life that needed to close in order to start a new and better one.

4. Examine what you have learned

Take a look at the lessons you have learned and use them to your benefit. Create a new path in your life that leads towards a brighter future. Take your experience and turn it into something positive by challenging yourself to reach new heights. Try doing something different – something that you would normally not consider when you’re in the middle of a “safe” relationship. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try skydiving. Perhaps you’ve wanted to take a trip to a European country but your former partner didn’t want to go. Grab a friend or a family member and go do the things that you want to do.

5. Find out more about yourself

Take the time now to enjoy the freedom that comes with being single and learn how to embrace it. Really get in touch with who you are and establish short-term and long-term goals. Along the way, you’ll be living a life that is better focused and you will find the inner strength to combat life’s bumps and bruises as they present themselves.

You may also find that you soon naturally attract the kind of partner or spouse that truly admires you for who you are and has the same passion for life that you do.

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