5 Best Calorie Counting Apps To Help Your Diet

With so many calorie counting apps hitting the market, how do you choose the right one? Read below to find the top 5 apps available for counting calories and the special features that make each one outstanding.

1. MyFitnessPal

This app has made it to the top of the list simply because it has a food database that includes 3,282,000 different food types. When you need to keep track of the calories you’re consuming, you’ll want a quick and easy food database that you can reference. You’ll be able to setup your own digital diary for counting calories without having to resort to self-reporting that never seems to work. This app is also extremely flexible. If you’re like me, you like to try different foods and eat out at different restaurants all the time. You’ll need this kind of app if you love food, love eating but don’t love the weight gain that comes with it! ( Iphone | Android )

2. Lose It!

The name says it all! I love this app because it also has a large food database but also includes some restaurant items. You’ll be able to record your exercise and food intake with this app no matter what type of diet plan you are following. You’ll be able to calculate your calorie intake goals based on your personal details and how many pounds you want to lose every week. Once you have imported your information, this app will magically display a budget for daily calories. The one negative thing that can be said about this app is it is more time-consuming to use than a lot of the other fitness apps. ( Iphone | Android )

3. MyNetDiary

This is a neat little application that mathematically calculates how much you’ve eaten and how much you’ve burned up during the day according to your activity level, height and weight. The nice feature about this application is you can keep track of how much water you’re drinking, your waste and hip measurements, the circumference of your neck and any medications that you need to take. You’ll also love the search function on this app since it automatically remembers the previous food serving entries that you have entered. If you’re like most people, you tend to have your food favorites and this feature will certainly come in handy! ( Iphone | Android )

4. MyPlate by LIVESTRONG

With this calorie tracking application you’ll always find the food item you’re consuming or planning to consume. Not only does it come with a hefty built-in food database but the information is constantly being updated via other users. When you want to get a precise measurement of the calories in any food, you can count on this app. You also have the chance to contribute to the system by adding in new information yourself. When a new product is added to the market and you are one of the first to scoop it up and try it, you can share the nutritional information with others.

This app gives you the chance to give-and-take, which is one of its most appealing features. This app is also more precise when it comes to recipes. If you want to find out exactly how many calories are in the meatloaf you’re cooking for dinner, you can input the ingredients, give it a name and then get a reading. If you’re only planning on eating 1/10 of the meatloaf for dinner, this app will determine the number of calories that will appear on your plate. ( Iphone )

5. Fat Secret

If you’re following an Atkins diet or another carb-counting type of diet, you may get the most out of this app versus the others. It accurately keeps track of net carbs and will consistently check on your progress as you’re making your way through the diet program. This is one of the best calorie tracking apps we’ve found for counting carbs. Of course, it does the trick for counting calories as well.

Also provided with the app are a weight chart and journal, an exercise diary and a food diary. When you become a registered user with the website you’ll be able to link up your account to your mobile app. The stored information will be available on either your mobile device or on your home computer. You should be warned though that this app is a bit cluttered and you’re not offered an option to purchase a version that is free of ads .( Iphone | Android )

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