7 Foam Rolling Benefits

Get more out of your workouts and enjoy all of the other benefits of foam rolling! It can reduce pain, break down muscle knots, release tightness in the muscles, increase your blood flow and improve the circulation. They are powerful therapeutic tools that can be used to maintain and promote physical health. You simply roll specific groups of muscles against a foam roller to give yourself a gliding deep massage.

Here are just some of the many benefits you can expect to receive by foam rolling:

1. Control the pressure

When you use a roller you are in control of the amount of pressure that is applied to the muscle tissues. You can focus and work on the areas that are giving you problems. If you go into a massage therapist looking for help, the problematic area will be addressed but so will other parts your body. When you work out with a roller, you can spend more time on the problem and see more gains than you would with other treatment options.

2. Increase your motion range

It only takes from 5 to 10 seconds to see an increase in your motion range. If you use a foam roller technique on your hamstrings, for example, you’ll see an immediate increase in your range of motion. If you’re not a flexible type of person, you should definitely be using a roller so that you can bring your workout to the next level.

To promote a better overall spinal range of motion you can simply roll your spine on the roller. Whenever you feel any type of restriction, take a pause to allow the surrounding tissues and joints to lengthen and stretch out.


3. Better blood circulation

The blood will circulate better throughout your body. Your ligaments, tendons, muscles, and skin will receive a better blood flow, which can accelerate healing after exercise. This will also lead to better absorption of nutrients and easier disposal of waste products at the cellular level. This will improve your overall health and at the same time leave your skin smooth and shiny.


4. Lengthens and loosens tight muscles

There are some muscles and ligaments that are naturally prone to shorten and tighten. They can be difficult to stretch without the use of a foam roller. With the roller, you’ll be able to reach these ligaments and muscles and provide a deep pressure massage to them. As a result, these areas will lengthen and thereby become more flexible.

5. Balance training

This is especially important for older people that want to see an improvement in their dynamic balance levels. By working on flexibility and range of motion, the balance improves significantly. This is one of the benefits of a foam roller that shouldn’t be ignored. This type of training should be an important part of a well-balanced fitness program. Balance keeps us on our feet and contributes to stronger workouts and more confidence when engaging in sports activities.


6. Help prevent injury

Foam rollers help with total fitness by preventing injuries. When you start using them on a regular basis you’ll feel the difference in your muscles. They’ll feel stronger and more flexible and as a result this will help to prevent muscle injuries from occurring.

7. Builds up confidence

You’ll be able to move again like your body has been originally designed to move. Imagine running around like you did when you were a child and were able to do just about everything you wanted with your body! This can be achieved again through rolling techniques. Once you reach the higher levels you’ll find that your confidence in activities and sports will be stronger than ever. You’ll also be able to do things in a more relaxed way since you’ll feel the difference in your muscle mobility and won’t have to worry about injuries from overuse.

There are also other benefits of foam rolling available. Simply start talking to people that you see at the gym that are using these foam rollers. They’ll each have an individual story to tell. Since the rolling can reach deep muscle tissues and you can control how much pressure to apply, based on your own body responses, you’ll see fast and effective results. This is the new and improved massage technique that simply makes sense and works!

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